Generate Random data in R

Generate a set of data where the distribution parameters change part way through:


The following table gives the distribution and the command for generating n data from each distribution.

Gaussian rnorm(n, mean=0, sd=1)
Exponential rexp(n, rate=1)
Gamma rgamma(n, shape, scale=1)
Poisson rpois(n, lambda)
Weibull rweibull(n, shape, scale=1)
Cauchy rcauchy(n, location=0, scale=1)
Beta rbeta(n, shape1, shape2)
'Student' (T) rt(n, df)
Fisher-Snedecor (F) rf(n, df1, df2)
Pearson (Chi-squared) rchisq(n, df)
Binomial rbinom(n, size, prob)
Multinomial rmultinom(n, size, prob)
Geometric rgeom(n, prob)
Hypergeometric rhyper(nn, m, n, k)
Logistic rlogis(n, location=0, scale=1)
Lognormal rlnorm(n, meanlog=0, sdlog=1)
Negative Binomial rnbinom(n, size, prob)
Uniform runif(n, min=0, max=1)
Wilcoxon's statistics rwilcox(nn, m, n), rsignrank(nn, n)

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