kdevelop: you need GDB 7 or greater… Fedora 33 … use LLDB instead (oh no that’s busted too).

You need gdb 7.0.0 or higher.
You are using: GNU gdb (GDB) Fedora 10.1-2.fc33

I was using Kdevelop under Gnome on Fedora 33 and wanted to debug a program. Unfortunately the above error pops up telling me it won’t work I need GDB version > 7 but all I have is GDB version 10, and any fool knows 10 < 7 so what’s a guy to do?

So I thought I’d try LLDB instead (Run -> Launch Configurations -> Debug) but that gave an error of can’t find lldb-mi. So more ducking (DDG) later I found a bug report from Arch (if only I was linux enough for Arch) that stated that LLDB-mi no longer comes with LLDB install and you had to build it from source.

So I:

sudo dnf install lldb-devel llvm-devel 

then downloaded the repo from https://github.com/lldb-tools/lldb-mi

cd Projects/github/
git clone https://github.com/lldb-tools/lldb-mi
cd lldb-mi
cmake .
sudo make install

…and LLDB debugging in Kdevelop works fine now.

Not sure what’s up with GDB but I’m sure it’ll be sorted at a later date. It was after an update that it started falling over.