Gnome 3

It’s no good. I have tried to love it but I don’t.

Good things

  • It can move slickly on a powerful machine
  • Snap onto half the screen, which is great on a wide screen monitor (something similar to windows 7)

Bad Things

  • I can’t find the gui that allows me to enable and disable services
  • Menus are mostly gone and what’s replaced them takes more and longer to navigate
  • The favourites bar scales itself in an ugly fashion when it a lot of favourites are added, it could spread horizontally without ugliness
  • it usually takes more than the usual amount of clicks or keyboard actions to get slightly out of the ordinary programs running.
  • Task switching takes more effort.

The whole experience is a drag. If I wanted someone to tell me how I needed a low functional interface I’d spend my money on an apple computer.

Maybe I am too used to having things the way I want them. Gnome 3 is weird. Loads of configurations have lost a GUI front-end.  I thought Linux was for people into computing. Gnome 3 is designed for people who have slabs and crap like that. Well that’s great but I’ve got desktop and laptop.

Thankfully there is a fall back position in the guise of XFCE.

The best thing about XFCE is that it looks and functions similar to gnome 2,  so there are lots of configurable features and there is usually a GUI for it.

So Gnome 3: Good luck! may god bless you; enjoy your journey.


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